Our Artists

We are proud to collaborate with Philadelphian artists on each of our box designs to shine a light on the local talent and connection we have here at home. 

Each box is reimagined and designed to fit a theme to serve as an ever-evolving, innovative approach to bringing joy through our boxes. 

Learn more about the artists we've worked with below. 

June 'Expand' Box

Katrice is a Tri-State area illustrator and designer who works with small business’ and members of the community that want to feel represented in their creative work. By creating through L.A.InkWell Design Co, she’s able to build websites, create thought provoking art that starts the conversation or creates a laugh and represent those in the design community that look for illustrations made by someone with them in mind.


April 'Emergence' Box

Hannah is a 24-year-old, freckle-faced, multi-disciplinary creative. Verbal communicator by day, visual communicator by night, and a non-communicator any time before 10AM. Hannah gravitates toward bright colors and cluttered compositions, and she uses her creative skills to find the fun in even the most mundane moments of everyday life. She hails from NJ, lives in DE, and works in PA. You can find her drawing actual dumpster fires @hannahs.sketchbook on Instagram and pushing pixels around at www.hannahreillycreative.com.

February 'Flower Power' Box

"Hi I'm Misha, AKA Blanco Rabbit. I am a freelance illustrator and designer who works with passionate entrepreneurs that want to add a funky flare to their brand. Through my brand, Blanco Rabbit, I also sell apparel, art, and accessories to millennials who care about what matters, and understand what doesn't."


December 'Launch' Box

Hi I'm Maurice Grimes! I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of allay as well as a musician and freelance designer. With our 'Launch' Box, I wanted to illustrate the peace and mental state we wanted to give people through our products. The beach at sunset was the first image I thought of. I'm very grateful to share that piece in our collection and for it to have become our flagship product.

—  Maurice Grimes





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